Neck Deep in Writing

You know how I said I was busy yesterday and that you shouldn’t expect me to have three projects going on at once too often? Well, today another project got added to the list. A Pirate’s Tale edits came back from Lady Luck Publishing today. My weekend is now complete. I will be editing Chapter 7 of Plague, working on my Scooby Do spoof PIG: The Haunted Brothel and I will be going over the edits for A Pirate’s Tale. It sounds like I’m complaining, and I tend to do that, but I am actually looking forward to it.

Shaylee: Druid’s Staff
The second novella in the Shaylee series.

PIG: The Haunted Brothel (Working Title)
A Scooby Do style novella for adults.

Sword and sorcery fantasy novel. Completed but in final edits.

A Pirate’s Tale
A Lovecraftian Pirate’s Tale. Completed but in final edits.

I just finished Jeff Strand‘s novel, Dweller last night and I’ve got to say that is one of the best books I’ve read in a long while – which is actually saying a lot because I’ve read some great stuff here recently.

I’m also still reading The Sword of Shannara by Terry Brooks off my Kindle. The book is thick (I guess in Kindle terms I need to say it takes up a lot of bits) and I’m reading it during my lunch hour at work so it will be a bit before I finish with it.

I’ve got two graphic novels to get caught up on, but I haven’t started the next installments yet. The first is from Stephen King‘s Dark Tower series entitled Battle of Jericho Hill. I’ve read the other four graphic novels in this series and they have been fantastic. The other graphic novel I need to read the next installment on is also a Stephen King favorite, The Stand. I’ve read the first two graphic novels in this series and they were probably the absolute best graphic novels I’ve read, both in story and artwork. The next one is called Soul Survivors. You know I had to flip through it and once again the artwork is exceptional. I’ll fill you in on the story when I actually start it.

Today in the mail I got two more books to read. The first is the PC edition of Sideshow by William Ollie. I purchased it a month or so ago for my Kindle and liked it so much that I just had to have a signed leather-bound copy when I saw it for sale on Ebay. The other book to come in the mail is also from one of my newest favorite authors. The book was Dreadful Skin by Cherie Priest. I haven’t read it yet, but I absolutely loved Boneshaker and Clementine. Oddly enough Dreadful Skin was also another Ebay purchase. It was available signed for a great price and I just couldn’t pass it up.

The next book I plan to read is Monsters by Paul Melniczek. I haven’t started it yet because of all the editing, but I imagine I will get into it tomorrow or Sunday.

Whewwwwww. I think that catches me up on the reading front.

Personal Life:
It’s Friday and I’m am sooooo glad to be away from the day job. It’s a good job, just not what I like to do for eight hours a day five days a week.

The miss’ and I are going to a club tonight to listen to the Bogart’s play. Her brother is in the band, the drummer. I hear tell that “Bogart” is a marijuana term, but I’ll be damned if I know what it means.


~ by bretjordan on August 27, 2010.

4 Responses to “Neck Deep in Writing”

  1. From
    Verb. To selfishly hold on to something. Jocular usage heard amongst smokers of marijuana.
    Come on Frank! Don’t bogart that joint, we all want to get stoned sometime tonight.

  2. Thanks, Brandi!

    The internet is a wonderful thing isn’t it? I didn’t even consider or even Google. Why go all the way to Tibet when all the answers are right here at the tips of your fingers. :o)

  3. Mr. Bret,

    I am amazed by the mounds of words which you wade through on a daily basis. And keeping all your story lines straight, I am astounded. I know this is nothing for an artist, you are able to just flick some switched in your head and be back in the frame of mind you need to be to get the work done. Yet I am agog. Hope you have a fine time tonight. Enjoy your waist deep weekend in words.


  4. Thank you, WT!

    I’m editing two stories that are pretty much written so the creative ‘artsy’ part is already done and now I’ve just got to see where I screwed up and where the story could be made better. I would never attempt to write two stories at once. Smoke would billow from my ears! That is why the ‘Shaylee: Druid’s Staff’ story progress counter won’t start advancing until I finish the ‘PIG: The Haunted Brothel’ story. I’m on a deadline for the ‘PIG’ story (25 days to get roughly 25K words) so it’s got to take priority if I want to make the deadline.

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