The Expense of Research

Personal Life:

You know how you get online to do some research for your next story and then run into something so cool that you just have to have it? No? Well, it happened to me. I’ve got an idea for a science fiction Civil war story (or the spark of an idea anyway), so I went online to see what types of weapons were available at that time. I also wanted to base the story out of East Texas, but I didn’t know what role Texas played in the Civil War. Come to find out Texas mainly dealt with supply runs and Governor Sam Houston was against joining the Confederacy. Against it so strongly that he resigned. Anyway, the Colt revolver was around along with the LeMat Revolver created for the Confederacy by a Doctor in New Orleans.
Cogswell Peppershot Revolver

Cogswell Peppershot Revolver

Anyway, While doing the research on derringers I ran into a jewel that I just had to have. It’s called a Cogswell Pepperbox Revolver. It’s not a derringer as it is over eight inches long, but what an interesting gun. Developed in London in the mid 1800’s it’s a percussion pistol. Technically it isn’t a revolver because the multiple barrels and receiver rotate together. Friggin’ cool! It was used a little in the Civil War, but supposedly it was a popular gambler’s gun. The one I got is just a replica, but now I’m thinking of going with a steampunk costume for Halloween. That little gadget will be the life of the party.

From now on I need to be less compulsive about my research…

Shaylee: Druid’s Staff
The second novella in the Shaylee series.

PIG: The Haunted Brothel (Working Title)
A Scooby Do style novella for adults.

Sword and sorcery fantasy novel. Completed but in final edits.

I finished Monsters by Paul Melniczek.
Those Who Went Remain There Still by Cherie Priest

Those Who Went Remain There Still by Cherie Priest

Now I’m reading Those Who Went Remain There Still by Cherie Priest. Damn, but that woman can write!

Personal Life:
My birthday is three days away and I bet most of you are like, “I wish that guy would shut up about it.” Honest, I don’t mean to keep bringing it up, but there are events that continue to happen to force me too. By next week we will have forgotten all about it.

So, why bring it up again? Good question, but I got an answer. It’s because Angela got the twins and I a Green Laser Kaleidoscope and I opened mine yesterday. Okay, so now your asking yourself “What in the heck is a ‘Green Laser Kaleidoscope’?” Annnnd the answer is – A mini green light show for a room. It creates little laser patterns on everything and looks pretty cool. If you are still curious I have included a picture below.

Green Laser Kaleidoscope

Green Laser Kaleidoscope


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