Dexter, the quiet and curious pet

Personal Life:

I’m off of work for the next five, yeah count’em FIVE, days. This will be a working holiday for me though as I plan to get at least 2K words written on each of those days and hopefully finish PIG: The Haunted Brothel in plenty of time to get it proof read and edited before I send it to the publisher. Well, it’s 1:30 pm of the first day of my holiday weekend and I have already met and slightly exceeded todays goal. If I start to feel froggy later this afternoon I might even hop up on that story again.

I just finished the part where the gang runs into their first ‘ghost’. Those poor kids will never be the same again.

Shaylee: Druid’s Staff
The second novella in the Shaylee series.

PIG: The Haunted Brothel (Working Title)
A Scooby Do style novella for adults.

Sword and sorcery fantasy novel. Completed but in final edits.

Still reading Those Who Went Remain There Still by Cherie Priest. It’s a western/monster story. A darned fine western/monster story. Imagine Louis L’Amour meets Dean Koontz. Needless to say I am thoroughly enjoying this story.

Personal Life:
You know how I mentioned that I’ve been writing…well, that would pretty well sum up my personal life at the moment.

Dexter the Jumbo Rat

One thing that I’ve found interesting lately is my daughter’s pet rat. She named him Dexter. He was her best friend for all of two weeks, but as kids do she started forgetting about him until it became all out neglect. I talked to her about it a couple of times, but (as usual) my words fell upon deaf ears. The solution…take the rat away.

So, now Mr. Dexter is in my room and he seems much happier and as loath as I am to admit it I enjoy the little fellow’s company. Mr. Dexter is a quiet resident, curious and friendly. The best thing though is that I can give him the same food I eat and he is happy and grateful to get it. Heck, just his morning I gave him an apple slice, tortilla and a Cheeto™. He snatches it from my hand, turns and runs into his little home. I’m figuring that some time in the night while I wasn’t looking Mr. Dexter set up a dining room table and chairs, hence the hurry to run into his little abode.

Feeding him the stuff I eat is pretty neat, but I started worrying that maybe there is something that we humans eat that isn’t good for rats. For instance, dogs aren’t suppose to have chocolate. I figure since it’s a rat it should be able to eat damn near anything. If I need to be corrected on this assumption by all means, please let me know.


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