Forty-Three ain’t so bad…

Personal Life:

The young paranormal investigators had an encounter with some devilish ghosts and I’m almost to the half-way point with my word goal. The minimum word count is 15K and I will definately be well beyond that, but I’m not sure if it will run a bit over my goal of 23K or a little under. Now that the minimum requirement is assured I can let the story run as it is almost telling itself at this point, and that is a good thing.

Shaylee: Druid’s Staff
The second novella in the Shaylee series.

PIG: The Haunted Brothel (Working Title)
A Scooby Do style novella for adults.

Sword and sorcery fantasy novel. Completed but in final edits.

I finished Those Who Went Remain There Still. I loved it. It was a good combination of western, horror, and creature feature – just the sort of stuff I can really get into.

Fathom by Cherie Priest

Fathom by Cherie Priest

Today I start reading another Cherie Priest novel entitled, Fathom. I’ll keep ya posted as I read along – I won’t give ya any spoilers, but I’ll let ya know what I think.

Personal Life:
I turned forty-three today. When I was younger forty-three seemed like a number assigned to old people, to folks with one foot in the grave and nothing left to look forward too. Forty-three seemed like an age where you had best have taken care of all your goals because if you haven’t then there isn’t enough time to do it. Forty-three was an ancient age, an age for rocking chairs and folk music. An age for baldness and health problems. An age where you ain’t got nothing better to talk about than politics and the weather. Little did I know…

Forty-three is nothing like I imagined it would be. I still love fast cars, pretty girls, good food and rock music. I still hate watching the news and talking politics. Honestly, being forty-three isn’t much different than thirty-three or twenty-three. I’m stronger than I ever was both mentally and physically. I now have the wisdom to keep my mouth shut when opening it will do me no good. I know what’s important and what ain’t. I know what I can change and what I can’t. I’ve accomplished many of my goals and have many more to pursue. Life’s better than ever and half-time ain’t so bad.

My hair is a bit thinner, my stomach a little bigger and my vision is a bit blurrier, but it’s a small price to pay for all the things I have due to my age. I’ve got a lovely wife who grows more beautiful and understanding each year. I’ve got four lovely daughters and I’m proud of each and every one of them. I’ve got a good job that keeps food on the table, a roof over our heads and provides me with enough money to get an occasional toy or two.

Yeah, forty-three is the golden time. I’m not so young as to feel awkward around my peers. Heck, I really don’t give a damned about my peers opinion at this age. I don’t have to worry about dating and being awkward around the fairer sex because I’ve got all I need and we’ve been with each other long enough to work the kinks out. I’m not so old as to be rooted in opinion and out of touch. I’m not so old as to have joint problems and tooth loss.

Forty-three is a good age and I plan on enjoying every minute of it.


~ by bretjordan on September 5, 2010.

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