Back @ Work…

Personal Life:

The Haunted Brothel is back from my critique reader with comments and corrections – thank you, Brandi! That being the case I will be spending the next few days on the last batch of edits before I send the story off to the publisher.

Shaylee: Druid’s Staff
The second novella in the Shaylee series.

Sword and sorcery fantasy novel. Completed but in final edits.

I finished Fathom yesterday and I’ve got to give it two thumbs up, an eight out of ten. Cherie Priest put together one of the most unique books that I’ve read in a while, a monster story about old gods…

Voices from Hades by Jeffrey Thomas
I’m now reading Voices from Hades by Jeffrey Thomas. I’ve never ready anything by Mr. Thomas before, but so far I’m impressed. He has created a demon filled Hell where humans work under their brutal reign and fellow humans are as bad about making Hell what it is as the demons themselves. It’s still too early to tell, but I think it’s gonna be a good read.

Personal Life:
Not much to tell in this department. First day back at work after five days off and everything is just like it always is…


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