Monday Goodness (Post-Work Goodness)

Personal Life:


All the hard work I put into writing The Haunted Brothel payed off! When I got home from work yesterday there was a message in my inbox from Purple Sword Publishing along with a contract, information sheet for the story and the edit for my approval. Needless to say I got right on it.

Now, I hate to say this, but I absolutely despise working on blurbs, tag lines and finding excerpts. You may wonder, “Hey it’s only a couple of lines to give the potential reader a feel for the story. How hard can that be?” And that, my friend, is the problem. Summing up the story in only a few lines without giving any spoilers away. I have so much I want to say, but a meager hundred words or so to say it. I have to pick and choose and the selection isn’t easy.

Even with the excerpt it’s a struggle. First, do I want to pick out a section that is scary, or maybe, since this story is on a romance site I should select a section from that. The story has a lot of humor in it also, so maybe I should pick a section that portrays that element. In the end I went with the romantic line, after all that is what Purple Sword sells.

Anyway, it’s all put together and I will sleep on it and take one more good look at it this afternoon then it’s off to Purple Sword and headed to an online store near you…

Once I had thrashed my brain with excerpts and such I decided to switch gears and go through another chapter of Plague, Chapter 11 to be exact. I’m 55% through the story so it won’t be long now…

Shaylee: Druid’s Staff
The second novella in the Shaylee series.

Sword and sorcery fantasy novel. Completed but in final edits.


Not only was there a fantastic message in my inbox, but I also had a couple of cool things from the mail person (notice my political correctness by saying ‘person’). Two books. The first from one of my favorite authors, Terry Brooks. Bearer of the Black Staff, another Shannara novel. Can there be enough Shannara novels. I think not!

Bearer of the Black Staff by Terry Brooks

The other book was from Dark Regions Press. A story collection by Stephen Mark Rainey entitled Other Gods. Dark Regions Press had a deal on the signed and lettered leather bound edition and I couldn’t pass it up. It looks awfully nice sitting in the bookshelf over my desk. Awful nice!

Other Gods by Stephen Mark Rainey

Personal Life:

Uh…The cat’s back…I guess that counts for something


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