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Camera System
Today at work my boss walked into my office, took a seat and told me that she has a new assignment for me. Imagine my delight. She stated that she wants me to write the bid specs to replace one of our old camera systems. The system has been in dire need of replacement for several years. I had to state, just for the record, that I have talked to every vendor within 100 miles about replacing the existing system and every time they send me a quote management looks at it and says “Neato!”, but that is as far as it gets. It’s frustrating and after a few years it has the strangest effect on vendors – they quit returning my calls. It’s so bad that now when I am forced to meet with a new camera vendor I start off by telling them that we are both most likely just pissing in the wind. Oddly enough, new vendors will still go through their dog and pony show with me. I guess they can’t see the hopeless look in my eye when I ask them to show me what they have.

Maybe this new approach will actually have results. Maybe management has finally discovered that it costs more money to ‘band-aid’ the existing system than it does to buy a new one. Maybe hell has frozen over. I don’t know.

I do plan on using the words “cool” and “shiny” a lot in the bid spec. Management likes those words because it makes the bid package seem really cool and shiny.

I made a little progress on Shaylee: Druid’s Staff last night. I’m at a point in the story where I can go one of two ways…either do the story as I originally planned or begin the framework for the third novella in the series. I really wanted to keep this story mostly it’s own and do the third book structure in the third book, but it seems that Fate has decided otherwise. I went back and forth on this problem and if I backed up a very solid section of the story would become less solid so I went ahead and poured the concrete into my words. This book will still be a stand alone, but hopefully the little glimpse into novella three will be something the readers will like.

Shaylee: Druid’s Staff
Word Count: 20,200
Genre: Fantasy
The second novella in the Shaylee series.

Word Count: 53,400
Genre: Dark Fantasy/Horror
Sword and sorcery dark fantasy novel about a city under siege by zombies. Completed but in final edits.

Valley of the Scarecrow by Gord Rollo
I purchased a Kindle copy of Valley of the Scarecrow by Gord Rollo today. Now, not only am I building up a hell of a To Be Read pile of books on my shelves, but I’m also making one hell of a digital pile on my Kindle. It’s not like I haven’t already pre-ordered the signed and limited hardcover edition from Dark Regions Press. Damn my impulsiveness!


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