Why Days Fly By as You Get Older…



The month of September seemed to fly by this year, like it did last year and the year before that. Hell, every month seems to fly by once you hit the age of thirty. It might have started happening before that and I just wasn’t paying attention. No. I began to notice it in my early twenties. I remember having a conversation with a friend in a bar when the reason why struck me…

It’s a matter of reference. Yeah, reference.

Imagine it’s your first day on this planet, January 1 of year 0. The Hour is 0 the minute is 0 and the second just clicked over to 1. In reference that second was the longest second of your life. Now, imagine a whole hour has gone by, 3,600 seconds later. I imagine you start thinking, God, what is taking so long. By the end of the day, the 86,400 second mark, when the sun goes down your saying to yourself, “Finally. I didn’t think that would ever happen.”

By the second day it doesn’t seem nearly as long because you have now existed for 48 hours and each hour doesn’t seem nearly as unique as the hour before it. The day isn’t so special because you have a whopping two days to use as a reference.

Imagine 365 days later. The year has seemed long. You’ve gotten into a rhythm and each day is becoming less and less unique, blending in so much that things start to fade from the day before. The seasons were new and fresh, but they are about to recycle on themselves. You’re about to start a brand new year, but a year that will be filled with less surprises than the year before.

3,650 days later. A whole decade has come and gone. The storage capacity of your brain will no longer allow you to keep and cherish each moment so entire days, maybe even weeks evaporate into the mental ether. Days are flying by a little faster. You’ve been through 3,650 days so it takes a great deal more to make any given day special. Days blend together, whole weeks become filled with routines that aren’t worth remembering.

It gets worse.

10,950 days have now passed. It’s your 30th birthday. The entire first decade is like a dream. The memory is full. The brain prioritizes daily events by date and shuffles the older and less important memories out as new ones come in. You now have almost 11,000 days to reference and today isn’t all that important or special. The brain is already working on today’s storage capacity and blanking out unimportant seconds, minutes and maybe even hours. The stripping of these moments shortens the day within your reference circuits. By the time you lay your head on the pillow it seems that the day has just flown by, but it was no shorter than your first day on this planet when you asked, “What is taking so long.”

At 43 I almost wish it were the other way around. That as you had more to reference the days became longer, but that would cheat us out of those long summer days as children when we cherished each moment and strove to suck up the most from every second of every day. In ways it’s good I suppose. I can’t imagine a day at work ticking by as slowly as my first day in this world. It would most likely drive all of us insane, and too many of us are close enough to that edge without the added push of an extremely long day.


The magic has begun and will soon lead our heroine to a dark place…
(I’m glad I checked the spelling…’Heroin’ and ‘Heroine’ are two completely different things.) 🙂

I made a lot of progress on Shaylee: Druid’s Staff yesterday, as far as word count goes. My progress as laid out on my notes didn’t go nearly as well, but that is okay because the story is taking on a life of its own and if the story expands out past the notes that is usually a good thing. It also looks like I’m going to exceed my word metrics by at least a couple of thousand words if not more. Better over than under though.

Shaylee: Druid’s Staff

Word Count: 23,900

Genre: Fantasy

The second novella in the Shaylee series.


Word Count: 53,400

Genre: Dark Fantasy/Horror

Sword and sorcery dark fantasy novel about a city under siege by zombies. Completed but in final edits.


Last night I finished reader Darker Loves Tales of Mystery and Regret by James Dorr. It was a story collection where, for me anyway, the stories had about a 50% success rate. Some of them were really memorable, but others didn’t stick with me so much.

Song of Silver by Laura J. Underwood

The next book in the line up is Song of Silver by Laura J. Underwood.


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2 Responses to “Why Days Fly By as You Get Older…”

  1. Mr Bret,

    Thank you for explaining why my life is zipping by at a staggering rate, your explanation makes perfect sense. Just wish it didn’t take so much to make those truly memorable days, well memorable. However with young children there are always new and exciting things happening. If we allow ourselves to experience things through their eyes, each day is new and wondrous. Two views, we can just set by in the viewing box watching as our children grow or we can be a part of those little lives and relearn new ways to see how each moment can be lived. The latter gives more, it gives my days more substance.

    I am enjoying each post. Thank you sir.

    Have a fine day.

    • I’m glad that my theory makes sense. I often wonder if my mental rambling is just me believing in my own ignorant ideas or if what I’m thinking really does make sense. Watching my kids re-sparks a lot of old memories from childhood, things that I had long forgotten and emotions that I haven’t felt is decades. When my girls pick blackberries or bring in a bucket full of toads I think back to those days when I use to do the same thing. It makes me smile. They do round out a persons life.

      Glad your enjoying the blog, Mr. Grant!

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