The Haunted Brothel is just a block away…



The Haunted Brothel

October 13, 2010 will be the release date of my latest novella, The Haunted Brothel, published by Purple Sword Publications. The cover art was done by Anastasia Rabiyah and she did a wonderful job of capturing the feel and characters of my story.

So what is the story about? Imagine the Scooby Do™ gang in today’s world. Crazy teenagers with gadgets, cell phones and all the quirks that today’s teens have. They’ve watched and studied shows like Ghost Hunters and they think they can be Ghost Hunters themselves.

TAGLINE: Can a football jock, cheerleader, stoner, techno-nerd, and lazy Bassett Hound come together and discover the mystery of The Haunted Brothel?

BLURB: The Regent hotel is about to open as a ghost walk, packed with terrorizing special effects along with actors dressed as zombies, werewolves, and vampires. There’s only one problem. The Regent seems to really be haunted. That’s not a problem for a young group of ghost hunters. Nancy’s the group’s think tank and can solve mysteries in her sleep. If muscle is needed Tony is the young Adonis who’s not only into heavy lifting, but also a big hit with the ladies. Tina is a paranormal investigator who is into Tony almost as much as she’s into herself while their technician is a stoner with a Bassett hound that can talk, though nobody else can hear his words. The Regent is their first assignment, and these young Paranormal Investigators will learn ghost hunting is scarier than it looks on television while they find out more about each other.


I didn’t get a lot accomplished, but I did get some. I know I set the word metrics at 25,000, but it looks like 30,000 will be a better fit as I still have a page and a half of notes that need to be worked into the story.

Shaylee: Druid’s Staff
Word Count: 23,900
Genre: Fantasy
The second novella in the Shaylee series.

Word Count: 53,400
Genre: Dark Fantasy/Horror
Sword and sorcery dark fantasy novel about a city under siege by zombies. Completed but in final edits.


Still pecking away at Song of Silver by Laura J. Underwood. I like the way this book flows so far. It’s a story collection based around the same character in the same fantasy world.


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