Old Person Griping…

Personal Life:

Personal Life:

Back Pain

Okay, I promise that I’m not going to turn this blog into one of those places where some guy gripes about his health. Not too crazy about those myself. I’m just in a bit of pain and couldn’t think of anything else to discuss.

Today my job consisted of installing equipment for a facility that we acquired last year. The equipment was for level sensors and included a radio, PLC, terminal blocks, power supply, etc. all crammed up in a large fiberglass box. Well, I decided to go ahead and load my truck up before the guy I was working with arrived. When I lifted the box my back gave out on me. Think of someone having pliers attached to the base of your spine and twisting them 45º. I nearly dropped the box. It didn’t surprise me though. It’s a pain that occurs every couple of years and lingers for a couple of days to a week or so. Most likely it’s just a pulled muscle.

I stayed at work all day. When it hadn’t gotten better by the end of the day I decided to call my boss and let him know. Lord, I wish I hadn’t. He said I have to go to the office and fill out some paper work. I told him that it’s just a pulled muscle, no big deal. I only told him because of a rumor that I heard where someone got into trouble for not telling their boss on the day something happened. Come to find out that was more of a rumor than truth so I wish I would have just shut my mouth and visited our local doctor for some muscle relaxers.

Now I can’t go to the doctor unless it’s the company doctor and along with that will be a, for lack of a better word, piss test. I’m not bugged by the doctor or a piss test, but I didn’t want this to become some big deal. By the way, just for the record I don’t believe working Americans should have to take a piss test until the non working Americans have to take one to get their welfare checks. Just my opinion on that.

So, I suppose I will go to work tomorrow and just hobble around like somebody’s grandpa.

By the way, I don’t need any condolences, prayers or anything like that for my back. It will get better, it always does. I wouldn’t even have said anything except it’s been the key point of my day.

That is all.


~ by bretjordan on September 30, 2010.

2 Responses to “Old Person Griping…”

  1. I absolutely agree with your stance on piss tests, Bret. If you didn’t do anything to endanger the life of someone else, then there is no reason to pee in a cup! That aside, I do hope your back feels better soon–you will need to be able to move at a speed higher than “hobble” if you are gonna help me chase down those door-to-door religious salesmen! 🙂

    • Yeah, I find the peeing in a cup thing demeaning, but as long as I pay my taxes I don’t think anybody cares. It’s the ones who don’t pay taxes that everyone seems to be worried about offending and taking rights away from. I just wish I could understand it.

      As far as the back goes. It was a little sore this morning, but it got better throughout the day. I’ve never had a back ache disappear so quickly before. So, other than working my butt off today I felt pretty good – religious salesmen beware!

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