Forrest’s Super Costume…



Super Forrest

Ain’t this the sweetest darned picture you ever saw. It’s my mom’s dog, Forrest. I first laid eyes on it through Facebook, my sister posted it. I only looked at it for a second before noticing something was terribly wrong with the picture and costume, a flaw that isn’t evident at first glance. Have you noticed it yet? Now, this is going to sound like a weird request, but check out the dog’s crotch. See what I’m talking about?

In order for poor old Forrest to go door to door requesting treats he will definitely need to get that bit of hair shaved off, or at least trimmed so that it isn’t so darned evident. The poor guy looks like the porno version of Superman. I don’t want him to jump over buildings in a single bound as I am scared I might see more than I already do. Once this costume is released into the neighborhood parents will grab their kids and move them to the other side of the street. Tears will fill Forest’s eyes as women gasp and slam the door in his face, while his candy bag remains flaccid and empty.

If anyone sees my mom would you please tell her, but do it tactfully because that old dog means the world to her…


~ by bretjordan on October 21, 2010.

2 Responses to “Forrest’s Super Costume…”

  1. That is the cutest and most hilarious picture ever. I agree that he probably needs to get a shave.

    • Yeah, it’s one of those times where you would like to reach down, pick the little guy up and give him a hug, but suddenly you really don’t want to any more. 🙂

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