The Monkey and the Treasure map…

You are probably asking yourself “What in the heck is that picture?” Well, I’ve been asking myself that all weekend.

It’s a carburetor much like the one on my motorcycle. I’m having to take the one off my motorcycle and clean it up. Apparently if you don’t drive your motorcycle for a month or so the gasoline turns into a syrup and clogs everything up.

Have I mentioned that I’m not a mechanic? Probably…

For me, at first glance, the above illustration could be the propulsion system for the Star Trek Enterprise, the FTL Drive from Colonial One, or the Hyper Drive from the Millennium Falcon. Needless to say I’m probably a bit in over my head with this little project.

That has never stopped me before, though it can become costly in situations such as this.

Today, the motorcycle is broken apart and the carburetor is sitting safely on the floorboard of my truck. Getting it apart wasn’t all that hard, but getting it back together will probably add a few gray hairs to my head. Luckily I have even more diagrams that should point me in the right direction – much like a chimpanzee with a treasure map.

Please cross your fingers and wish me luck.

Also, I hope everyone has a great Halloween!


~ by bretjordan on October 31, 2010.

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