The Sinister Clown…


That’s my girl.

No, seriously. That’s my baby girl.

Scary Clown

She dressed this way for Halloween last year. My wife was going for the funny clown look, but my little angel decided to put a Stephen King twist on it. Since I’ve written a horror story or two it sort of pulls at my heart strings..the scary little bugger!

In case the single picture weren’t bad enough, she found out some people are scared of clowns – even the funny ones. So, guess what my little sweetheart did on Halloween. Yep, hid behind bushes and cars scaring the bejeebers out of folks.

The picture is deceptive because she really is sweet. She just loves to entertain people…and scare them. She’s really good at it as you can probably see. Heck, I know how sweet she is, but when I look at this picture I wonder if I might need to put a lock on her bedroom door – on the outside. Wouldn’t want to wake up to THAT clown in the middle of the night!

So, next year when you’re getting Halloween candy on my street watch out for the three foot tall clown with the sinister smile and angry eyes. You’ve been warned!


~ by bretjordan on March 9, 2011.

2 Responses to “The Sinister Clown…”

  1. That is creepy, Bret. All she needs is one of her special “pets” on a leash and I wouldn’t come near her… EVER. lol! So glad you are blogging again. I am sure I am not the only loyal follower that was suffering withdrawals!

  2. Thanks, Brandi!

    It’s good to be blogging again and hopefully folks are enjoying my complaining and odd observations. 🙂

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