Dead Set

Okay, I’ve done two bad movie reviews almost back to back so I thought I would put in a good one so that everyone doesn’t think I just like to complain or that I’m never satisfied.

A few weeks ago I was surfing through iTune television shows to watch on my iPad. I don’t like to spend $40.00 on a show that I’m unfamiliar with so my cheap butt was looking in the $15.00 and under section. Due to having four kids in the house this is about the only way that I get to watch adult television programs.

One show caught my eye, well, it wasn’t actually the cover that I noticed because that is pretty lame (there I go complaining again). No, it was the description:

Flesh eating zombies have taken over Britain and are multiplying as quickly as they kill. Survivors must rapidly find ways to endure in a world that offers little refuge. Cocooned in the safety of their “Big Brother” house, fame-seeking contestants of this hit reality TV game show are safe and blissfully unaware – until “eviction night” when all hell breaks loose…

Okay, that description caught my eyes. I bought the show, but I still wasn’t expecting a lot.

It’s funny how the best shows seem to be the ones that you have low expectations of.

This was hardcore zombie mayhem with an ending that I didn’t see coming. Like Piranha, you often see more of the inside of folks than the outside, but this is a zombie show so it is somewhat expected. Though, being a television series I really wasn’t expecting that – maybe they have different standards in Britain. If so I like the British standards better.

If you have the opportunity to check this one out I would highly suggest it as it has horror, comedy and even some romance thrown in so it is bound to appeal to you on some level.

Plague, now available at Amazon


~ by bretjordan on April 30, 2011.

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