There are a few things in life that I never would have guessed…well, there’s actually a lot of things that I would never have guessed and probably never will, but you get the point. One of those things is that I would enjoy a movie called Bridesmaids. Yeah, it doesn’t sound like a guy movie at all, but I enjoyed it.

My wife and I don’t get a chance to go out as often as I would like so I wanted to take her to see a movie. I thought about going with Thor, but that would have been selfish. Then I thought again about going with Thor and remembered that I had just put that idea on the backburner. I had to come up with something we both would like. I didn’t see anything, so I figured if you can’t beat them join them and asked her if she would like to go and see Bridesmaids. She did and we went.

Got raped on the popcorn and a coke as usual – One medium popcorn and a medium coke: Total cost for movie theater $0.25…my cost $11.75. Friggin’ OUCH!

Okay, there’s my bit of complaining out of the way.

As you can imagine, Bridesmaids is about a woman who is about to be married and the friends who support her. The story centers around the bride’s best friend who’s life has taken a turn for the worse. The writers did a great job of catching a wide range of  female lifestyles. The main character is an older single woman who would like to meet that ‘special guy’, but only dates jerks, brushing off the nice ones she meets. One friend is the lonely housewife looking for something more, another is a newly wed who is grossly nieve about marriage and love. There is the oddball friend who reminded me of a female version of the bearded guy from The Hangover, and finally the new rich friend who is in competition with the main character for the title of the bride’s best friend.

Now, Bridesmaids starts off a little  raunchy. The first five minutes consists of sex. No nudity, but lots of bouncing and breathing. I feared that this was going to be another T&A flop, but once the first five minutes ended the story jumped back to a PG rating for the most part.

Once the initial raunchiness is over Bridesmaids takes off and doesn’t stop – at one point I laughed myself to tears. Iwould love to say more, but I don’t want to ruin this movie for you.

One of the usual flaws with a movie like this is that they take the comedy too far and it begins to have a slapstick “Lucy and Ethel” feel, but for the most part Bridesmaids avoided this problem. They kept everything believable. When the main character looses her cool and takes things too far it’s funny, but also believably sad – which would be a realistic scenario.

Anyway, if I say any more I’m going to give out spoilers, so I will end my review here.

Do yourself a favor and go see this one…

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~ by bretjordan on May 27, 2011.

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