This week my short story, Avalbane, was accepted for publication through Dopamalovi Books. I had an idea for the cover and I figured I would doodle with it a bit, but once I started I couldn’t stop and several hours later I had it put together. Since it is a short story I will be adding a few pen and ink illustrations.


A young journalist major, fresh out of college, is out of work and desperate to make a name for herself. Unfortunately she is in a small East Texas town where very little news occurs. To fix this problem she decides to do an investigation on the local paper mill from a ‘green’ perspective. Luck fully a high school acquaintance works there and knows a of a major violation. The mill is pumping waste water deep into the national forest. Together they go into the woods to get the story and to capture some proof. Little do they know the damage that has been done to a world they didn’t know existed, and what it will cost them…

Now, I know short stories aren’t usually done as a stand alone story in print, but Dopamalovi Books has a unique and innovative perspective on this. They are publishing stories between 5,000 words and 10,000 words as mini-books, or ‘Pocket Reads’ as they like to call them. The books will be high quality and small, about four and a quarter by seven inches tall and easy to tote around. They will also look mighty cute on the bookshelf. Hopefully it is an idea that the readers will like…

Plague, now available at Amazon


~ by bretjordan on May 31, 2011.

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