Ticks and Wire cutters


Yep, Amber again. She has gone to a whole new level of disgusting.

The neighbor’s dog had one of those huge ticks on its belly. You know the kind, battleship gray and bloated with blood. Well, guess what my cute little evil genius decided to do. Give up, you’ll never guess.

Amber: Where’s the scissors?

Me: Why? (It’s never a good thing when she wants the scissors)

Amber: Mamma dog’s got a tick.

I cringe, realizing what the scissors are for.

She yanks a pair of wire cutters from a cabinet drawer.

Amber: That’s okay. This will work.

From another drawer she grabs a clear sandwich bag and goes outside.

I glance through the window. The dog is on its back and she has the wire cutters against it’s skin. It’s like watching a train wreck. I want to look away, but my morbid curiosity gets the better of me.


The tick is disconnected from its food source – possibly without its head. She carefully places the pebble-sized gray lump into the sandwich bag, and drops it on the ground. As a final affront to the creature she lifts her leg high and puts all 35 pounds down on the bag.

I had to look away. It was too nasty and horrifying to watch. To this day I don’t know how this story ends…

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~ by bretjordan on June 7, 2011.

2 Responses to “Ticks and Wire cutters”

  1. Ticks freak me out. And if the head comes off or gets stuck in the dog (or human), it can lead to infection : ( Especially if it’s a lone star or lyme tick (or any of the bad ones), since they spread diseases.

  2. Yeah, Natalie. Ticks are naaaaaasty critters!

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