Shaylee: Druid’s Staff



Shaylee: Druid's Staff

Shaylee: Druid’s Staff will be released on Wednesday June 29th from Purple Sword Publications. It’s the second novella in the series, the first being Shaylee: Druid’s Daughter. Reading the first novella isn’t necessary to follow along with the second novella, but if you want to see Shaylee grow from an innocent young girl to a young lady then the first novella will fill that out for you.


Shaylee: Druid's Daughter

Here is the blurb from Shaylee: Druid’s Daughter:

Something is unusual about Shaylee. She sees the forest and its creatures differently than other folks. This ability makes her shunned in the village and puts an edge of fear into her father, but one person understands her, her new friend, Oran. Together they will learn about her newfound abilities and about one another as well.



Exerpt from Shaylee: Druid’s Daughter:

Her heart thrummed in her chest. It felt like the embarrassment Ghazi had put her through, but instead of making her want to cry she wanted to shout for joy. The boy had asked for a kiss from her! He thought she was pretty, or nice, or sweet, or something. He didn’t dislike or shun her like the rest of the town. He was different. He wanted a kiss.

 She didn’t think she would be able to answer. She had never kissed anyone before, besides Gorm, and that didn’t count. She wasn’t sure if she knew how to do it right. Finally she stammered, “Oh…y…yes. Certainly. It’s the least I can do. You were so brave.”

 She stepped forward and felt her cheeks grow warm, knowing that a stupid smile stretched her mouth from ear to ear. She forced the smile away by puckering her lips. He stared, as if waiting for something. Finally he said, “Well, ye got to close yer eyes. I can’t be kissin’ ye with yer eyes open. That ain’t how it’s done.”

 Her cheeks reddened at her foolishness and inexperience, but the comment didn’t extinguish the flutter that she felt within her chest. “Oh, of course.”

 She closed her eyes. Her lips puckered, head tilted forward. She waited in silence.


Here is the blurb from Shaylee: Druid’s Staff:

Without Gorm, Shaylee is lost and alone in a coastal city where her dryad magic is weak and her friends are few. It’s time to move on, but can she still move on and keep her dryad powers, or will she be rooted to one spot by the ‘life oak’ that holds her magic?



Reviews for Shaylee: Druid’s Daughter:

“…Shaylee Druid’s Daughter is a well-written novella. It is a touching coming of age story told in a straightforward way. The main characters, especially Shaylee, are well-developed. It is an excellent read for younger readers, but adults will also appreciate this feel-good story, particularly the important message it delivers.”
“A coming-of-age story that leads to magic and revelations.
“Shaylee is a young girl who has unexpectedly just come of age for her “first moon.” The child of the forest not only begins experiencing the physical downside of womanhood but also concurs that she might be going crazy as she believes that trees and plants can not only communicate with her, but they have feelings and emotions. She discovers that she has the ability to heal in the novella Shaylee, Druid’s Daughter…
“If you enjoy magical worlds, druids and fantasy stories as well as a little romance, you will probably enjoy this story. It’s also appropriately written for young teens.” – Ethan Nahté,

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