Alone in the Mist

Alone in the Mist by Bret Jordan

Alone in the Mist is now available from Dopamalovi Books.


Waking one morning to discover his family missing, Jeff Taylor finds himself a prisoner in his own home. A thick fog has converged on the house, preventing any escape. Inside the walls, Jeff is unable to call for help, and the laws of time and space seem to no longer apply. Now Jeff must take stock of his life as he investigates the emptiness closing in on all sides. The ghostly whispers of his missing family are the only indication that he may not be…alone in the mist.


A handgun—pointed at his head. The barrel shakes in unsteady hands. It’s a cheap revolver, a throw-down weapon, disposable. The type of gun is irrelevant. Pointed at his head it is just as deadly as a high-dollar, forty-caliber tactical handgun.

The shooter is a silhouette. A lamp glows like a sun in the background. Nothing stands out on the shooter except an occasional glint of light on wet eyes and highlights on a cheek. The shooter is talking, screaming at him. He doesn’t understand a word. They are too rapid, blending together and losing their meaning. A babbling voice and hysterical sobbing are all he can hear. Long hair swings with each shake of head and thrust of chin.

He opens his mouth to plead his case, beg for his life. He can’t speak around the knot that has formed in his throat. A croak bursts forth. Tears roll down his cheeks and drip from his chin. This is the end. He is sure of it. The shooter is frenzied, excited beyond reason

He knows he is going to die. There is nothing he can do about it.

He begins a silent prayer, though he hasn’t thought about God in years. Dear God, don’t let me—

The shooter’s free hand swings forward to disappear in the black void of forehead. The glint of one eye vanishes, covered by a hand camouflaged in shadows. The killer screeches. He cringes and pulls his head into his neck, becoming as small as possible. An eruption of sound and a flash of light envelopes his world.

First Review:

Alone In The Mist is an enjoyable story.

Imagine waking up from a nightmare only to find you are in a nightmare. You can’t get anything electrical to work, you can’t find your family, and there is a strange mist outside your house. This is what happened to Jeff. Except maybe there was no nightmare. Maybe the nightmare was reality. Maybe reality IS the nightmare. Where has everyone gone? You can’t call anyone, computer doesn’t work, you can’t even get coffee and the mist won’t go away.

The perfect story to read on a foggy morning while enjoying a cup of coffee…in a coffee shop. Because you don’t want to be alone in your house with the mist outside.

…..Christina Hampton Gutierrez


~ by bretjordan on June 20, 2011.

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