A Pirate’s Tale

A Pirate's Tale

A Pirate’s Tale is now available from Dopamalovi Books!


Shipwrecked and washed ashore, the pirate Block wanders a lush, jungle island until he stumbles upon a tribe of natives. Held captive, he is forced to embark on a mission he doesn’t understand, a mission that will test all of his considerable skill. Plotting his escape, Block traverses the labyrinthine, underground caverns of the island, but the creatures he encounters there have a different plan. Now Block must summon all his strength and courage if he hopes to thwart them. But have the natives sent him here to test his mettle, or for something far more sinister?

Memories flooded his mind like waves cresting to slam against a seaside rock. The roar of gunshots shredded the nighttime darkness with thunder and lightning, flashes of destruction against the backdrop of a full moon. Bloody swords and razor sharp knives cleaved death across the tread worn deck. Screams of pain and gunpowder-fueled concussions blasted through the humid air. Mutiny! The bastards had started a mutiny on the Reaver.

     Block had stood back to back with Captain Slake. His cutlass danced a bloody jig of violence as he guarded the Captain’s back, though they both knew the battle couldn’t be won. The fighting separated them and forced Block to the ship’s rail. The last thing he saw as he tipped over the edge was the Captain’s pained stare as the bloodthirsty crew hacked him to pieces in a huddle of steel.

     He plummeted twenty-feet into the warm ocean waters of the Pacific. After that, everything became a blur of drifting and darkness.


~ by bretjordan on June 22, 2011.

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