Drunk Driver?

On my way to work there is a short stretch of road that forms a long radius 90, a quarter of a mile long or so. It takes me from one highway and merges with another. This morning I noticed that the person in front of me drove about fifteen miles per hour below the speed limit; slightly aggravating, but nothing too bad. What struck me as odd is how the driver tried to take the turn in a streight line then would overcompensate by making a sharp turn, almost bouncing off the other shoulder before they would overcompensate again and go the other direction. I thought of several reasons why this could be happening:

A: Elderly

B: Cell Phone

C: Drunk

D: Applying Makeup

E: Reading a novel

Drunk Driving

Once the traffic merged I got in the opposite lane and drove past the driver. As I passed I had to look and see what sort of person I was dealing with – female, approximately thirty years old with both hands on the steering wheel. Well, that ruled out elderly, cell phone, applying makeup and reading a novel so I’m gonna have to go with drunk.

Drunk lady, I wish you the best and safest trip on your journey to wherever it is you might be going.

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~ by bretjordan on July 28, 2011.

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