Here’s a new Kindle feature that  was pointed out to me the other day. It’s digital autographs and personalizations by authors for Kindle readers. I don’t know if this trend will take off or not, but it is an interesting idea.

I added my Kindle books to the site this weekend. The process was painless, but I still managed to flub it up. No surprises there. I am currently listed as “BretJordan”. Yeah, “BretJordan” with no spaces. You say that isn’t so bad. Well, if there was a space I would be classified with the “J” authors like I should be. Without the space folks are gonna have a hell of a time finding me in their author database. Heck, I had trouble finding me in their author database! I hate finding myself.

For once this name thing wasn’t my fault. At least I don’t think it was. Well, maybe not. My Kindlegraph account was made from my Amazon account…or maybe my Twitter account…yeah, Twitter. I don’t use Twitter too much as I currently have more social networking accounts than I can keep track of. No problem though, other than my Twitter account is under the name of “BretJordan” – one word. Damn my luck!

Okay, you’re saying to yourself, “Quit complaining and just go back and fix it.” I wish it were that simple, but as of yet, I haven’t been able to find any reconfigure tools for my Kindlegraph account.

UPDATE: Just went and looked again and still couldn’t find anything. I don’t think I’m missing it either, as there just aren’t a lot of account settings.

Anyway, get over to Kindlegraph and check it out. If you’re not an author then I wouldn’t worry too much about the name thing, but if you are an author then double check your name while you are setting up an account – and if you see where I went wrong please feel free to enlighten me.

To help anyone who might be looking for me under the “J”s here is the books I have listed with Kindlegraph:

Bret Jordan Books at Kindlegraph

Plague by Bret Jordan Plague is available for Kindle and Nook!


~ by bretjordan on August 11, 2011.

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