Electrical Cemetery

Today I was putting around Beaumont with my youngest kids when I passed a cemetery that I’ve passed a dozen or so times before. It’s a small cemetery and I’ve never thought much about it, but what I noticed this time sent a chill down my spine. What was different this time you ask? Nothing. I’m just not worth a damn at noticing things, but this time I noticed something of the utmost importance. A power substation. Yes, a power substation. Why would that bother me? Why wouldn’t it? Have you ever read Frankenstein, or seen any of the movies. The combination of that power station and a cemetery right against its fence is a zombie factory just waiting to happen. One good discharge into the ground on a rainy night and it’s a done deal. Get ready folks ’cause ground zero could be right there. 🙂

Now on a more serious side…

My novel, Plague, is now available as a paperback novel. Yep, paperback. Also with the paperback version you get some fantastic pen and ink artwork by Alex McVey, Tom Moran, Brandon Layng, and myself. So if you get a chance stop by Create Space and have a look. It should also be available at Amazon any day now.


~ by bretjordan on November 23, 2011.

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