I per-ordered a Stephen King book from a publisher in May, a very nice copy of one of his more popular novels. It was a limited edition fancy copy. I’ve not had the best of dealings with this publisher before, but this was a book that I just couldn’t pass up.

Late December the publisher sent a generic email that they were shipping the books. I was excited. I waited…and  waited…and…no book arrived. That being the case I contacted the publisher on December 21 and asked why my copy hadn’t arrived. Five days later they got back with me. The publisher said they were having trouble with their website the day I placed my order. They had no record of my order, and I needed to email them proof that I had purchased the book.

I looked at my credit card records online and found the transaction, then sent the information to them later that same day.

On the 28th I got an apology from the publisher stating that the book would ship out ASAP.

This is where I start getting aggravated.

I figured that since it was their screw up and my copy of the book was already two weeks behind they might just friggin’ expedite it to me a bit faster. That is what ASAP means, right?

On the 4th of January (seven days AFTER the ASAP comment) I got a tracking number for a media mail package. Is it me that doesn’t understand what ASAP means? Is a week later considered ASAP? I don’t think so, but I could live with it since something was finally happening.

Well, it’s now the 10th of January and all the tracking says is that the shipper has been notified that they will be getting a package. Again, what does ASAP mean?

I do believe this will be the last friggin’ book I ever purchase from these people, and it’s a shame because they have some really nice books.


~ by bretjordan on January 10, 2012.

5 Responses to “THE ASAP DANCE”

  1. Even worse? Media mail? That can take up to two weeks–sometimes longer–for the package to get where it’s addressed. You’d think the seller would, you know, upgrade your shipping for the inconvenience, maybe spend a couple of extra bucks to get it to you faster since they obviously were having issues.

    • Yeah, the book looks like it’s going to be about a month late. The publisher doesn’t seem to be concerned about it though. I wouldn’t even have minded media mail, but I would have appreciated them mailing the book the day after they contacted me. Waiting a week to ship it cost them a future customer, and I buy a lot of books. Now I’ll be buying them elsewhere. 😦

  2. Im thankful for the blog post.Really thank you! Great.

  3. I can guess who this publisher is, but will say no more!

    Hope you got your book.

    • Thanks!
      I did finally get the book and it looks absolutely wonderful. The publisher has a great list of authors and make some beautiful books. It’s just a shame they don’t seem as concerned about the customer as they should.

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