Citing Sources

I ain’t much on politics.

By the way, this isn’t a rant about Republicans or Democrats. It’s not really about politics at all, not in a direct way anyhow.

I understand politics is a necessary evil and I try to keep up with it as much as I can, but keeping up with who’s doing what with the elections just around the corner becomes nearly impossible. Partly it’s because I don’t have the time. Who really does?

Another problem is that there’s soooo much information out there, and only a smidgen of it isn’t biased to one side or the other. I’m sure you’ve seen doctored pictures, creative statistics, colorful stories, and even outright lies. Both parties are doing it, and it muddies the water up for the more open minded folks who just want to know the truth.

For instance, I could go to Facebook and write a comment about how President Obama wears a turban around the Oval Office and keeps a copy of the Koran in his desk and within the hour it would probably get reposted by ten people. Is it true? Probably not, but some folks don’t care as long as the story fits their agenda/world view. I use President Obama as an example, but I could do the same with Mitt Romney, maybe saying that he payed $1,000 dollars for a caviar laced taco and didn’t pay any sales tax for said taco, and that horse manure would most likely get reposted by the same amount of people.

For those of you who are reposting stories, pictures, and statistics without proper sources please stop. You’re just mucking things up for those of us who really want to know what’s going on. Some of us want to make proper decisions according to valid information. If you really insist on shoveling this crap then please join the mailing list for the party you support and shovel it there – many die hard party members love to see this kind of drivel.

It’s not only Facebook fans who are spreading the manure. I get several emails a day filled with bad political information, one sided political jokes (believe it or not that’s propaganda too), and outright lies. There’s no source to go to and the writer is expecting me to take their word for it that the outrageous claims they make are true.

So, if you’re not sure of your information, don’t know where it came from, and have nothing to back up your story, please keep it to yourself until you KNOW it’s true.

These unsourced Facebook posts and emails just make you look ignorant and I get a little pissed because by sending them to me it makes me think that you assume I’m ignorant. On top of that it wastes my time when I could be reading stories that do have a grain of truth in them.

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~ by bretjordan on August 23, 2012.

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