Legion by Brandon Sanderson

Legion by Brandon Sanderson

Title: Legion

Author: Brandon Sanderson

Publisher: Subterranean Press

Rating: 5 of 5

The world considers Stephen Leeds a genius. Psychologists want to study him, and the rest of the world would like to use him to fix problems nobody else can. Stephen just wants to be left alone, well alone as anyone can be when they have extraordinary friends that only they can see. It’s how he got the title of  genius. If he runs into a problem one of his “friends” comes in to help. You see, Stephen is psychotic. He has a mental disorder that causes him to dream up imaginary people, with imaginary personalities and emotional quirks that give them a level of detail that would make almost anyone believe in them, if anyone but Stephen could see them.

In Legion Stephen Leeds shows the reader how extraordinary his ‘problem’ is when he works on a case to track down a missing scientist. The strange man has created a camera that takes pictures of the past, and the company who financed the development of the camera wants control of the device.

Brandon Sanderson has shown his imaginative brilliance in this unique tale. In Stephen Leeds he has created a bizarre character who imagines other bizarre characters that work together to make a single individual who is amazing in his depth and uniqueness. That in itself is a solid piece of the story, but the camera is another, at least in the ramifications of such a device. In Legion Brandon Sanderson takes the camera and asks what are the potential hazard of such a device to politics, religion, and blackmail. He shows that such a camera would be a wonderful device, but one that could bolster, or destroy all our beliefs. Would the world be prepared for such truths, and would such a camera do more to destroy or help?

If you’re looking for a story that is truly unique with a little mystery, comedy, and science fiction then I would strongly recommend this tale.

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