Oni-Con 2012

Natalie, my 13 year old daughter, has really gotten into anime this past year. She even bought a Grell costume for Halloween. What’s a “Grell” you ask. I’m not completely positive, but according to my 13 year old expert he’s a grim reaper – one that likes to use a chain saw. It’s a villain from an anime show called Black Butler. She’s been so into it that she’s even talked me into watching 20 episodes or so with her. It’s not bad. Some of it’s corny, but the story is pretty good.

So, a few months ago she is babbling about a thing called Oni-Con in Galveston, Texas. Talking about a thing called cosplay. I had to look both of them up. The Oni-Con is a convention for anime, where folks dress up like their favorite anime character and get together at a convention. The dressing up part is the cosplay. There’s anime shops that sell swords, manga, and everything in between. Nat was exited, like Christmas or something. She begged, pleaded, and babbled until I told her she could go. My daughter gave such a good sales pitch that I even told her that she could bring a friend. Well, I booked a room, got ticket and spending money, and we were ready to go…

Cosplay isn’t really my thing, but I have to say that I was more than a little impressed by the costumes. That’s what the blog is about this round. I just wanted to share a few of the awesome costumes with some folks that might really appreciate them.

In honor of her sales pitch, and the effort she put in so that she could go to this thing I’ll start out with my daughter’s Grell costume. By the way, she won a prize for her outfit in the Costume contest held that Saturday night. There were around a hundred contestants.


I posted a lot of these pictures on Facebook, and one of the images that I’ve heard a lot about is Ursula from Little Mermaid. It was a great costume.


Here’s another classic costume that I’m sure you’ll all recognize…


If Link from the video game Legend of Zelda really existed this is what the character would look like. I’ve got to hand it to this one because the host (Mario) from the costume contest said that the entire costume was hand made by Link – even the chainmail. Awesome!


I don’t know what show this next ‘demon’ costume is from, but it looked great. She even wore red contacts.


I think I’m picking the next image because of the colors. I mean, it’s a great costume, with tons of character, but the colors are what finally drew me in.


Last, but certainly not least is a picture that struck a cord with me. I love steampunk. I love it so much I wrote a novel centered around the genre, so as you can imagine I was completely blown away by this one. Though all the costumes were wonderful, this is by far my favorite. You could hear this girl as the stilts pounded into the floor with a metallic clang.  On her back is what looks like a backpack, but in the center was a plasma disc – like one of those plasma balls that you touch and lightning jumps at your fingers, but in the form of a flat disc. Sabers of colored light lead the way, like a Victorian era Jedi. Needless to say, I found this costume inspiring!


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