The Inexplicables

The Inexplicables returns the Clockwork Century series to Seattle, where zombies roam and the blight can steal a man’s life in a breath. On this visit to Seattle the reader sees the city from the viewpoint of a not so noble young man. He’s an eighteen year old who’s hooked on the sap and doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty to get his fix. The problem is that guilt is eating him up, and that guilt has taken on the form of a friend. A while back he told this friend about an opening in the wall, a way to reach the heart of Seattle, a breach into the world of blight, and the undead. The friend hasn’t been seen since. That guilt, and having nowhere else to go, and nobody to give him the sap, leads him through the wall, and into a grand adventure that changes him from a shady character into…well, a shady character that will stick to his friends through thick and thin.

I’ve got to admit that at first I didn’t care much for Rector. He’s not the hero type, as a matter of fact, he’s not the sort of person that stories are written about, but as the tale goes on he grows from a self-serving kid into a half-way responsible adult. Oh, he never becomes valiant – that would be pushing the limits of this character’s believability, but he does become a hero in his own way. He’s a scoundrel from start to finish, but he by the time the story ends he’s a scoundrel who will stick by his friends.

The Inexplicables also brings back a good many characters that those familiar with the Clockwork Century will recognize. Some play small roles, and some are right there with Rector as his adventures take him through the devastated city.

As you would expect, there’s a good bit of the steampunk tech that I look forward to in all of the Clockwork Century novels. There’s also another bit of legend that is woven into the story, but I don’t want to say too much about that as it will give away a spoiler.

This is a must have for all of those who’ve read Cherie Priest‘s other Clockwork Century novels. For anyone looking for a bit of steampunk, zombies, and explosive adventure then this is a story that I would strongly suggest.

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~ by bretjordan on November 22, 2012.

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