Review of Shadowman by Aaron Dennis


Title: Shadowman

Author: Aaron Dennis

Publisher: Damnation Books

Rating: 4 of 5

Adja is a man of voodoo, one who walks with the spirits, both in this world and an astral world, but he didn’t start off that way. After witnessing the murder of a Creole man he is given the voodoo power of the bear, but with the power comes responsibility. First he must confront snake which is the first in several deadly encounters Adja must face.

Shadowman is written in first person from Adja’s point of view. It’s a novella that is broken into four chapters. Each chapter builds from the last one, but each chapter is like a story unto itself – a situation begins and is resolved by the chapter’s conclusion. Honestly, I didn’t take to Shadowman at first. It seemed to lack a voice, but as Mr. Dennis tells the story Adja get’s his voice and I got more of a feel for who Adja is. It’s the story of a man learning to use his power, and use it responsibly. The power is based on voodoo, but to me it had more of a Native American spirituality feel to it. That may be simply because I’m not familiar with voodoo, but regardless, it worked.

Mr. Dennis has done a good job of weaving a world of magic that resides underneath our own, where the spirits dwell and interact with mortals. They are nature spirits who associate themselves with plants and animals, in a voodoo-like pantheon. Towards the end of the novella it’s mentioned that the Creole think of the spirits in terms of voodoo, but it could be applied to all nature based religions.

The adventure starts from the beginning of the novel and doesn’t finish till the end. As I stated earlier in this review, each chapter is contained, building from the last, but with it’s own unique storyline where there is a problem that must be faced, and a conclusion to that problem.

If you’re looking something to read that’s novella length with a bit of contemporary magic and adventure then this is a story for you.


~ by bretjordan on December 3, 2012.

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